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    The Case for a US-Vietnam Alliance

    Last month, US Senator and Vietnam War veteran John McCain tweeted a picture of himself holding a cappuccino outside the first Starbucks to open in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital. Although intended as a humorous statement as to how even one of the last notional bastions of communism could not escape the arch-capitalist franchise, the picture also had further symbolism. Whilst both Vietnam and the US suffered a massive trauma as a result of the conflict between the two countries, the status the war occupies today is more as a set of personal tragedies than a cultural and institutional monolith that defines the relationship between the two countries.

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Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

Global Governance

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    Sanctioning Non-State Armed Groups: Does it work?

    Sanctions have become an increasingly popular method of discouraging groups, states and individuals from violating international law and norms. Blacklisting groups became particularly popular after 9/11, after which a number of anti-terrorist legislations were passed by the UN and its member states, including UN Security Council Resolution 1373, the US Patriot Act and the UK Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill.

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