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The Latest Research Produced by the Human Security Centre

HSC gives evidence to UK House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee ‘Defence in Scotland: the North Atlantic and the High North’ inquiry – 15:00 UK time (GMT), 6 March 2023

Human Security Centre Deputy Director Dr Rowan Allport is giving evidence to the UK House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee's inquiry 'Defence in Scotland: the North Atlantic and the High North'

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Corrupt Enforcement – Bangladeshi Police and Security Forces Still Not Held Accountable for Torture and Arbitrary Detainment

Poor investigative mechanisms, conflicts of interest, an epidemic-level use of torture and enforced disappearances as well as a protective relationship between the judiciary, law enforcement agencies and Bangladeshi government shows any meaningful aims to eradicate these issues only exist in a theoretical format.

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Japan’s Afghanistan policy: ambitions and strategies in the graveyard of empires

While increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific stemming from fears over the PRC’s increasingly threatening posture towards Taiwan, the global economic disorder generated by Russia's February 2022 invasion of Ukraine and approval ratings plummeting for the Kishida administration may preoccupy the Japanese government for the time being, it is highly likely that Japan's Afghanistan policy will be of largely economic, and less geopolitical nature.

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Malawi – Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Continues to Supply Big Tobacco

The combination of human trafficking and forced labour in Malawi continues to go hand in hand, often overlooked by corporate entities that remain entirely complacent. National implementations aimed to protect victims of these offences have consistently fallen short of genuine protection, bottlenecked by poor training, knowledge and the inconsistent application of key legislation designed to mitigate such damaging crimes.

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