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  • Director Dwayne Menezes with Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs and co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières

  • Director Dwayne Menezes represents the HSC at a rally to support Christians in Syria and Iraq

  • Executive Director Julie Lenarz being interviewed by Channel 4

  • The HSC was represented at a series of anti-ISIS rallies

  • Executive Director Julie Lenarz in Iraq on the 25th anniversary of the Kurdish Genocide

  • Senior Fellow Matthew Lower in Northern Mexico


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The work that the Human Security Centre undertakes is only possible with the support of those concerned with the challenges to human rights, development and security around the globe. Without this support, we could not produce our high quality analysis and educate the public and policy makers on crises like those currently unfolding in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and many struggles for human rights and good governance around the globe. As an independent, non-partisan and charitable not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the support and generosity of those who believe in our values as passionately as we do.

Our Cause

Any major conflict causes terrible human suffering – and is shockingly destructive of life, property and opportunity. We believe the international community has a responsibility to respond to all situations of compelling human need and humanitarian crises, particularly where an individual state is unable or unwilling to act in the face of humanitarian catastrophe or requires assistance to do so.

We believe that all persons around the world have right to live free from want, free from fear and free from indignity, and that all states and the international community have a responsibility to guarantee human security.

The Human Security Centre was established to address the most serious human rights, security and governance issues faced around the globe, being an independent source of analysis and advice on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict, working to rid the world of the scourge of mass violence, terrorism and war. With our wide array of experts, we aim to educate the public of these issues, and provide accurate and impartial analysis to policy-makers. .

For more details on our values and objectives, please visit our Mission Statement

Our Work

The Human Security Centre produces work with genuine impact on how global crises are addressed. With a wide-ranging array of policy experts, a highly regarded advisory board of political and academic experts and a large network of policy-makers, activists and academics, the Human Security Centre is able to shape the policy agenda.

Our work has multiple aims.  We produce comprehensive research on major humanitarian issues, aimed at providing accurate and insightful information to policy-makers, contributing to academic debates and educating the public. We also monitor ongoing government & intergovernmental policies and publish regular pieces of analysis on topical and relevant international developments. Our research has been submitted to the UK Houses of Parliament and widely published in the UK and international media.

In a short space of time, the Centre has had a number of major successes:

  • Our analysis and experts have been featured prominently in high profile media outlets, including the CNN, BBC, Sky News, CNN, the Independent, The Times and more, as well as academic conferences and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Our regular submissions of evidence to Parliament have impact and an audience in both Houses of Parliament.

  • The organisation has launched its twin advisory boards, Political – consisting of members of parliament, political and military figures around the globe – and Academic – some of the world’s most well known and regarded scholars of human rights and international relations.

  • Our analysis and recommendations to the government have been personally addressed by former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron, amongst other high profile political figures.