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The Human Security Centre produces regular analysis on a wide range of serious and topical human security issues through our published analysis, social media channels and more comprehensive research projects.

Donating supports this day-to-day work and also directly contributes to the organisation’s current research projects which are intended to make a positive difference in how the international community perceives and approaches some of the most important issues facing the world’s most vulnerable people.


ISIS, Iraq and Syria


The linked conflicts in Iraq and Syria remain one of the most prominent humanitarian crises in the world today. The Human Security Centre has been at the forefront of research and recommendations in confronting the civil war in Syria and rise of ISIS in Iraq. Our analysis and staff have been featured prominently in the national and international press, including appearances on CNN, Channel 4 News, BBC and Sky News.

As a result of our expert knowledge and building on our extensive analysis and commentary in relation to these grave human security issues we have been able to make various policy recommendations to the British government including directly to the Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP. The Centre can only continue to undertake research and analysis, and inform the policy debate in relation to such matters with the continued and generous support of the public.

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific project, or wish to discuss sponsoring our future work, please contact the Executive Director Julie Lenarz – julie.lenarz@hscentre.org