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The Human Security Centre’s research interests span both thematic and regional issues. Our research maintains a focus on broad human security issues and the other core interest areas of the HSC. Our four research divisions are supported by the Policy Unit.

Our research is informed by resident experts on various geographical areas, and our regionally specific research can be accessed here.

Research Divisions

Security and Defence

Team Leader: Dr Rowan Allport – Senior Fellow

Deputy Leader: Julie Lenarz – Executive Director

Our research on security and defence focuses on analysis of Western foreign policy,  international security issues and cyber-security. The group maintains a strong regional expertise on the MENA region.

Global Governance

Our research on global governance maintains a strong legal perspective in analysing major issues in international law, intergovernmental institutions and the International Criminal Court.

Religion and Politics

Team Leader: Dr Dwayne Ryan Menezes – Director

The Religion and Politics division primarily undertakes research that promotes the freedom of religion and belief internationally. In addition, it explores the relationship between religion and violence, both discrimination against religious groups and violence perpetrated in the name of religion. It also monitors the rise of religious fundamentalism and is constantly on the search for best practices in inter-religious cooperation.

Policy Unit

The Policy Unit produces topical and timely analysis on major policy issues in international affairs. This division is responsible for the production of the Human Security Centre’s regular Policy Briefings.