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HSC Fellow quoted in wake of evacuation of Swiss nationals from Sudan

16 May, 2023

HSC Fellow Oliver Hegglin has been featured in an article from the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation following the country’s reliance on other nations to evacuate its nationals from crisis-hit Sudan. This inability of Switzerland to evacuate its citizens using its own assets has been a subject of some controversy domestically. While as a neutral nation the Swiss would not have a requirement for a strategic airlift capability to support military operations, such aircraft are also indispensable in humanitarian crises. Procurement of such a type has been proposed, but is opposed by a coalition of right-wingers who object to Swiss military operations in other countries, and those on the left who support humanitarian operations, but are against acquiring capabilities with a military dimension.

The broadcaster quoted a piece of previous work by Oliver, also a Swiss Army officer, in which he stated that the absence of a Swiss airlift capability represented a “stain on the country’s humanitarian tradition and a betrayal to Swiss citizens abroad who are at the mercy of other states in times of need”. The latter warning has now been played out in public view once again following similar failures amidst the evacuation of Kabul in 2021.

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Image: A C-130J transport aircraft, seen here in service of the Norwegian Air Force, it a type Switzerland may wish to procure (Source: Adrian Pingstone/Public domain)

About Oliver Hegglin

Oliver Hegglin is a geopolitical threat analyst in the private sector and has a master’s degree in international affairs from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva and a dual bachelor’s degree in international studies and anthropology from Washington College. Between and during degrees he completed internships with diplomatic representations and the United Nations, and worked for a developmental NGO. Oliver is a Specialist Officer with Swiss Armed Forces International Command where he supports the training for peace support operations and has served abroad in Mali and Kosovo. He is a board member of the NGO Imholz Foundation. His research interests include peacekeeping, the Arctic and Swiss and global security issues.