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Huma Malik was a research assistant at the HSC. Her research interests include the military, violent conflict, Islamist movements, good governance and peacebuilding in Africa and the Middle East. Her regions of focus include the Great Lakes, the Sahel, Egypt and Iran. Huma has also interned with a number of charities focusing on international development and peacebuilding in Africa and Asia.

Bringing Local Back In: a reassessment of peacebuilding strategies in the DRC

There has been an emerging tension between liberal top-down peacebuilding and the growing belief that grassroots bottom up solutions are required alongside wider national level approaches. Intervention and peacebuilding in Africa have largely been shaped by militaristic, externally led, top-down approaches. These approaches have had varying degrees of success, with local populations often feeling alienated from peacebuilders and their externally imposed, ill-fitting intervention strategies. These interventions have historically shown a disregard for cultural context and local processes that are key to building sustainable peace during and after conflict.

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