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Seeking Justice and Accountability – The Joint Application to the ICJ and Path to the ICC for Syrian Torture and War Crimes

The joint application to the ICJ by Canada and the Netherlands, alongside the international efforts to bring Iranian and Syrian military officials to account for alleged war crimes at the ICC, mark significant steps toward achieving justice and accountability for the victims of the long-lasting Syrian conflict.

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“Zone of Unlaw” – A Longstanding Struggle for Stability in Ein el Hilweh Camp

Addressing the root causes of the crisis, including socio-economic insecurity and political tensions, is imperative for establishing lasting peace and security within the camp. The international community must remain committed to supporting humanitarian efforts, facilitating dialogue and advocating for the rights and dignity of the refugees.

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HSC gives evidence to UK House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee ‘The Arctic’ inquiry – 10:30 UK time (BST), 26 April 2023

26 April, 2023 HSC Deputy Director Dr Rowan Allport is giving evidence to the UK House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee’s inquiry ‘The Arctic’ on Wednesday 26 April 2023. The session can be viewed here: Parliamentlive.tv – International ...

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What is happening in Jenin?

The Israeli government needs to listen to the protestors of its people and notice their people not wanting dictatorships of criminals and the continuing of new far-right governments. Will the rise of protestors be a wake-up call for the new government?

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