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Learning not to forget: Our short memory of conflict and its long term consequences

We are guilty, notably in the developed world, of focusing our attention on issues we deem of immediate importance at the expense of long term intractable conflicts. However, what we continuously fail to recognise is how those issues we have never prioritised, and those we long ago forgot, continue to drastically shape our economic stability and security.

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Child marriage in conflict zones: a protection mechanism that hinders security and development

Early marriage disproportionally affects girls in greater number and with more intensity than boys. UNICEF estimates that in 2013, 730 million girls were married before the age of 18 while only 156 million boys were married before reaching adulthood[ii]. Therefore, this article will mainly focus on female victims of child marriage.

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Press Release: Re-launch of The Human Security Centre

Since our launch in 2013, we have drawn attention to a wide range of topics, with a focus on humanitarian intervention and mass atrocity crimes. We have felt, however, that it is becoming increasingly important for us to address critical and pervasive threats to human security that may not necessarily fall within the ambit of humanitarian intervention, no matter how broadly we define it.

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