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Parliamentary Evidence: Soft Power and the UK’s Influence

Evidence to House of Lords Select Committee

Soft Power and the UK’s Influence by Julie Lenarz, Simon Schofield, Phillip Cane, Daniel Wand, Thomas Dunn

The United Kingdom (UK) has long excelled in soft power, being, inter alia, one of the primary international actors responsible for promoting democracy, human rights and the rule of law; the originator of many of the world’s best-loved sports; and a film, music and theatre hub that the entire world flocks to. Our historical, political and cultural legacies have allowed us to establish a well-known brand as the UK.

Our country’s soft power is one of its strongest comparative advantages. It is a force multiplier which enables us to consistently punch well above our weight on the international stage. It is of uttermost importance for the UK to maintain this capacity, particularly in light of the emphasis China is placing on projecting soft power globally.

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