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Luke Simpkins MP: On Citizenship and Extremism

Luke Simpkins

HSC Advisory Board member Luke Simpkins MP  demands Australian dual citizens fighting with “foreign military and extremist causes” be stripped of citizenship.

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Luke Simpkins also wants dual citizens who support terrorism from Australia to be deemed to have repudiated their allegiance.

New citizens pledge loyalty to Australia and its people, and most remain true to their oath, he said.

But some have allied themselves with terrorist organisations, like some 150 Australians fighting with Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq.

“They have broken faith with our country and they are putting another cause before Australia,” Mr Simpkins said during debate in the parliament’s Federation Chamber on his private member’s motion to strip citizenship from some people.

“They can no longer be trusted to come back to Australian and not be a threat,” he said.

Mr Simpkins wants Immigration Minister Scott Morrison given the power to act on strong intelligence to revoke citizenship.

The proposal attracted broad support, although Labor MP Michael Danby said the real problem was not with dual citizens but Australian-born people who participated in extremist causes.

“I am not against taking strong measures against dual nationals but it’s the original citizens that are the real problem,” Mr Danby said.

Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer said Australian citizenship was a privilege and jihadists who went off to fight in Iraq and Syria should lose their Australian citizenship.

“These people make a choice. They choose terror over peace and they are responsible for their own decisions,” she said.

Debate on the motion was adjourned.


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